New Year, New Store, New Deals

In our New Year’s Address to the Nation, we reported that Phase 3 of our structural rebuild is finally complete and that our new store is now open for business.

This means you are now at liberty to take full advantage of our new Build Your Own Bundle discount feature to grab yourself some truly hyperbolic savings! Those of you with an eye for a bargain will notice that we have now reduced all our more expensive stacks to a uniform price throughout the store, and those of you who like to pay a fair price for style and quality while subsidising your second favourite resource will also appreciate why we have now rounded all our products to the same uniform price. 

As for the future, once again it’s going to be a busy and productive year at RapidWeaver Central: with Phase 3 concluded I’ll now be concentrating on rolling out some stylish new stacks in the very near future, while MacPheep will be trying to stay out of jail long enough to work on Phase 4. Other work-in-progress includes a top-secret Phase 5 which is currently in the final stages of completion and will be launched with great fanfare in the first quarter.

In the meantime we’ll continue to bring you addon reviews from our talented writing team — Editor Rob Beattie and writer/developer William Davis — and as we’re always on the lookout for creative contributors, we’ll be introducing a couple of new writers very soon. 

As for our Christmas Giveaway 2015, we can now report that it was our most successful to date and that with our 100+ prizes on offer, our 200 entrants stand more than a 50% chance of winning something.

Also, now that the votes are in for your favourite theme, stack, plugin and developer of the year, it’s clear to see there are some very surprising results — which we’ll be publishing later this month and broadcasting live during the Superbowl. 

It only remains for all of us here to wish you a very happy and prosperous New Year.

Marten Claridge

Founder of RapidWeaver Central, Developer of WeaverThings, Author of Books, Marten's highly unique skillset has established him as a leading RapidWeaver, Web Design and Wordpress consultant with a worldwide client-list and highly dysfunctional sense of modesty.