New Stacks4Stacks Stacks

Stacks4Stacks Supremo, Will Woodgate, has been on a roll recently, rolling out a few reworked and revamped former StackManiac stacks.

If you recall, Will very wisely — and against heated competition — blew all his pocket-money on the astute acquisition of Aaron Marquez’ highly reputable  StackManiac stable of stacks last month… and since then he has been updating the underlying source code and custom settings to  add his own distinct style and resourcefulness to the stacks. 

So far, eight of these stacks have now migrated over to Stacks4Stacks, with the most recent and notable being ShareStackStackSliderRefinedSlider, and Rotator

You can find the full roadmap of the StackManiac migration here

Marten Claridge

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