Morphtext and Morphist Stacks

Marathia | Morphtext and Morphist stacks | €4.00 & €6.00

Ever seen one of those Hero banners where the header text rotates with an animated effect? You know – ‘Our service is amazing/value for money/market-leading’ where the superlatives animate in and out and the main text stays the same? That’s what Morphtext is all about.

Morphtext €4.00

You drop it onto the page, then add your text or header stack into the well. Any text you want to animate needs to be separated by a specific character (the default is a comma but you can change this in the settings panel) after which you highlight all the comma-separated text and underline it using Format>Underline or just Cmd+U. It sounds a bit cack-handed but once you get the hang of it is quick and works really well. After that you can use the stack’s settings to choose one of 43 CSS animations (fades, bounces, zooms, wobbles, swings, flashes, flips, tadas and so on) set the duration and also control the characteristics of the text – emphasis, size, colour, font family and so on.

Text animation needs to be used sparingly but the ability to rotate text in and out means that you could use Morphtext to help produce some really rather sophisticated animated captions over slideshows that support text areas and we think this stack is a winner.

Morphist €6.00

Morphist uses the same 43 animation styles as Morphtext but lets you apply them to any sequence of stacks, so can be used to create simple slideshows, rotating banners or nice quote sliders. You have independent control over the in and out effects as well as their speed and you can set a fixed height for items added to the stack so as to avoid any nasty jumping up and down. The result is a neat, useful little stack that, like Morphtext, is great value.

Rob Beattie

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