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As design philosophies go, Maximal Design is totally minimal when it comes to principles. In fact it only has one core principle: Design Every Element. And it's precisely this, our overriding attention to every detail, that defines the very essence of our brand and the standard, quality and value we imbue in every product we create. Now with these Style Modules, we make it possible for you to do this too.

How They Work

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Too much conformity in webdesign makes everything look the same and nothing stand out. It's vital not to bury important content in bland uniformity when people are searching for something different.

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We're conditioned to notice differences, not similarities. It's the differences that make the difference, that attract and engage us on a deeper emotional level we tend to remember.

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Our Maximal Design Modules work by disrupting the flow of conformity and adding the kind of style that will catch your visitors' attention and engage them in a memorable fashion.



Fortune favours the brave

Weavers who are going to get the most benefit from our Style Modules are those who are looking to improve themselves and have the courage to stand out, be different, be memorable.

So Many Questions

Do you want to give your demanding clients the added value they expect?


Are you tired of building websites that look like just another template?


Do you sometimes feel you want to design websites and not just build them?


Do you want to add individuality and personal worth to your designs?


Do you feel an unsatisfied need to break out and express your own unique design ideas?


Do you want your designs to stand out from your competitors but don't have the time to learn new skills?


Do you feel confined by the current limits of RapidWeaver webdesign and want to do more?


Do you want a quick modular onboarding process to get the jump on your competitors?


Do you want to explore new design possibilities that are now within reach in RapidWeaver?


Do you want your designs to reflect a sense of character and brand personality?


Are you worried you're getting left behind because of the demands of running your own business?


Do you want to rediscover and reignite a lost passion for design?

One Answer

Our Style Modules will help you with all these things. They are the means, the method, and the system. All you have to do is apply the time, dedication, desire, courage and passion to learn and improve yourself.

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