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All of the following applications, plugins and third-party stacks must be installed for the Maximal Design Modules to function as advertised.

Big White Duck
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Button Plus 2

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Header Pro

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Paragraph Pro

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Sections Box

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Sections Pro

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Pro StylesNow Includes Pro Tools

Although these stacks are Donationware, they are the most powerful and resourceful stacks of their kind in the RapidWeaver ecosystem and take a huge amount of time, work and dedication to develop, maintain and enhance. So if you haven't already donated generously then please consider doing so now.

Stacks 3+
Skill Level Requiredintermediate/advanced
RapidWeaver 6+
Skill Level Requiredintermediate/advanced


& attributes

Please note that the skills and attributes listed below are also requirements. If you don't possess any of them — or you require step-by-step documentation or a manual — then this product is not for you.

Be sure you understand this before purchase as refunds are not an option.

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Skill LevelIntermediate/advanced. There are learning curves ahead.
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PatienceYou'll need it — if only to open unforseen doors on unimagined rewards.
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ObservationThe ability to learn through deconstruction and reconstruction.
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PerseveranceThe strenth of will to see things through till the end.
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HungerTo learn.
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Desireto reach higher and better yourself.

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