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In The System We Believe

In complex operations the system is the solution. Our Maximal Design Module system solves a common problem for RapidWeaver webdesigners struggling to stay relevant in a highly competitive market: how to easily add professional style and value to a project to make it stand out from the crowd.


Maximal Design Style Modules are professional solutions for professional Weavers who need to add quick and easy professional style to their projects that will give them an immediate edge on their competitors, and their clients the sophistication and individuality they think they can't afford.


Each meticulously crafted module is powered by a combination of Big White Duck's most resourceful stacks.

Responsiveto your needs

Each module is a fully responsive, highly configurable, self-contained section of a page that can be copied and pasted into any Stacks page.

ProfessionalAdded Value

Each standalone module has its own individual style, and conveys a professional first impression of a web-designer at the top of their game.

In terms of sheer design power and versatility, no other combination of stacks in the whole RapidWeaver ecosystem comes close to matching Big White Duck's layout stacks' capabilities.

Ever feel your designs are becoming a little unimaginative, uninspired, unadventurous, unexceptional, unremarkable, maybe even unoriginal? Or wanted to power up, hit those higher curves, push your design skills to the limit and offer your clients more value for money?



Each project contains one RapidWeaver project file with five Stacks pages.


Each page in the project file contains between five and ten style modules.


Each pack contains between 29 and 37 Style Modules.


Bonus Version

These modules do not require Foundation and will work in most Stacks pages in most responsive themes — although they'll probably need some tweaking.

"Maximal Design is a stellar project that gives you beautiful building blocks for your next website. I cannot stress how much time these will save you. Did I mention that they are stunning? Bravo!"

Joe WorkmanRapidWeaver Supremo


You Need These Modules

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Add Real ValueTo Your Projects.

Impress your clients with agency quality style. The more professional your websites look, the more they are worth.

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Save TimeAnd Earn More.

All our Style Modules are totally responsive so you won't have to spend countless hours configuring them.

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Better YourselfRaise your standards.

Perfect for RapidWeavers who have the desire and ambition to become better and more successful Web Designers.

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Onboarding EdgeSecure clients faster.

Create your own style wireframes and templates to engage potential clients early and bring them onboard before your competitors get out of bed.

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Be UniqueAnd Earn More.

Too many sites look the same. Clients want their products and services to stand out. You want your projects and services to stand out.

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Gain RespectImprove your portfolio.

What if you're not a graphic designer or you're still on the learning curve? How can you stay competitive and learn new skills at the same time?

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Fully EndorsedBy Andrew Tavernor and Joe Workman

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Read Before Purchase



Read Before Purchase



Read Before Purchase


Send me an email with your module purchase details and I'll send you a discount code for the bundle.

The Duck Soup Bundle contains five Project Packs below: Chico, Groucho, Gummo, Harpo, and Zeppo. You can buy them individually (£20) or buy the bundle and save £30. You can also buy one pack and then upgrade to the bundle and still get the £30 discount.

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You'll Love These Modules

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Fully CustomisableDo WTF You Want.

Never be stuck for inspiration again. Use these modules to wireframe and kickstart your projects.

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Google FontsAll Paired up and Ready to Go.

Rediscover your passion for typography. Explore new possibilities. Embrace that learning curve. Be brave, be different, be noticed.

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Drag & DRopCopy & Paste.

Thousands of configurations. Spice up your projects with mix and match. These modules will keep your designs fresh for years.

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No More Same OldGoodbye Complacency

Give your clients the quality and individuality they really want but think they can't afford.

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Recommended. Use the Foundation version for best results and instant style deployment in your Foundation projects.

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UniversalBlank Theme

These modules do not require Foundation and will deploy in any Stacks page. Depending on your theme, though, they'll probably need some extra tweaking.

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Free YourselfRelease Your Inner Designer.

Break those restrictive chains of convention. Develop your own style and make your designs stand out.

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Express DeliveryOptimise Your Turnaround

Do more than compete, blow your competition out of the water by delivering real professional style and onboarding faster.

Maximal Design Sessionsfree help and tutorial sessions — live!

Looking for help or direction using our modules? Thinking of purchasing and have some questions you'd like answered? Join one of our free live sessions.

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"These modules are the dog's bollocks. They are truly lickable."

Andrew TavernorBig White Duck

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