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From time to time a developer will release a slew of stacks together, in which case we’ll try and round them up in brief to let you know what they do and how well we think they do it. Next up, a selection of stacks from Marathia.

FA4all €Free
Although most modern Rapidweaver themes support the Font Awesome icon set, some still don’t. Adding this free stack will allow you to use Font Awesome even if it’s not included in the theme. In addition, it comes with a handy cheat sheet which displays every FA icon in preview mode, to save you going back to the Font Awesome website. Check it out here.

Footnoter €3.00
Neat little stack combo that makes it easy to add nicely formatted footnotes to your text. Simply drop the Main Text stack into a page and add text stacks to it; then drop a notes stack below it and define the number of footnotes. After that, everywhere you want a footnote, just add a bit of code (<sup></sup> works best) and the stack will automatically generate the number and the footnote to go with it. All you have to do is type over the placeholder text in the footnote. The Main Text stack includes various controls to configure the look and feel of the reference numbers and for sites that need quick and easy footnotes, this is a bargain. Check it out here.

Price List €4.00
We’ve often used Stack Its’ ListMate stack for doing simple, resutaurant-style price lists but it’s not responsive. This stack is. Drag and drop it onto a page, then add your item and its price (you can define a currency symbol in the HUD) and the stack will generate the lead line between the two – there are three styles to choose from, dotted, dashed and solid or you can elect not to display the line at all. The stack includes simple controls for setting the style of the text and price (for example, bold, italic or underline) and you can override the font size, colour and line height. There’s even an option to include items in the price list that don’t have an associated price, so you can create subheads and descriptions to organise prices into sections. An excellent little stack. Check it out here.

Simple Background Gradient €3.00
You can create a background gradient that segues smoothly from one colour to a second colour using a few lines of CSS but why bother when this stack does it for the price of a cup of coffee? Specify the start and end colour, the direction of the gradient and the fallback colour for older browsers and you’re done. Check it out here.

SmartFloat Stack €5.00
Although Stacks includes a Float stack where you can ‘float’ content left or right inside another stack, it’s not exactly weighed down with options. The SmartFloat stack on the other hand offers plenty of ways to arrange your floating content and then have it re-jig automatically on smaller screens, either in place or by having it ‘jump’ above or below the wrapping content. You’ve got good control over background colours and borders (or you can specify an image as a background) and you can turn these on or off depending on the screen size. It’s a little tricky to get your head round (Edit mode doesn’t really give you much of a clue as to how the eventual stack will appear) but will reward perseverance. Check it out here.

SmartList €5.00
This stack is just the job if you need to create ordered or unordered lists, using either numbers, bullets, graphics or Font Awesome icons and excels at the kind of complex nested lists that are more difficult to achieve manually. You get plenty of controls over the font weight, style, size, colour, and so forth, as well as whether the list uses numbers, Roman, Armenian, or Greek numerals; you can specify the distance between list items and if the Font Awesome implementation is a bit peculiar (it involves cutting and pasting the actual FA icons) it works well enough. The stack also supports a ‘start at’ value for numbered lists as well as an increment for more complicated implementations. It’s another flexible and good value stack. Check it out here.

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