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Map 2 | Doobox Software | £9.99

Map 2 is the latest Stack released by Doobox Software. An exceptional performance in its incorporation of functional geolocation, visual aesthetics, and user-friendly options, validates this as one of the best map-generating Stacks in today’s RapidWeaver market.

Those familiar with Google Maps can automatically relate to Map 2’s characteristics: A well-detailed map with pinpoint zoom accuracy, location markers that also provide information on key-specific areas, and a route finder in which the user can receive, print, or even email directions. To compound the Stack’s functionalities even further, the ability to quick-sync the coordinates & styles in relation to the map is always an added plus.

On a design stance, Doobox Software has rendered Map 2 very open as to what kind of identity each map can possess. The preliminary Stack options, the aforementioned map styles (courtesy towards, as well as creating custom, vector-based (SVG) icons for the location markers, are primary, and highly creative, examples of how the user can approach this.

Setting up & computing Map 2 onto the Stacks’ editing panel is seemingly effortless; the options that help accompany the Stack are incredibly intuitive, highly informative through their tidbit popups when hovered, and easy to navigate through. They essentially cater to the entire spectrum of the user’s knowledge of RapidWeaver, be it may novice or expert. However skilled, the user will have a comfortable time setting up the Stack. Interestingly noteworthy are how the location markers are not difficult to implement; a simple typing of the location is sufficient enough to generate a marker on the map.

With everything expected for a geolocation Stack, there is no reason to overlook the marvel that is Map 2. It is highly recommended, if not imperative, to have on the Stacks Library.

System Requirements:
– RapidWeaver 6 (Mac OS X 10.9+)
– Stacks 3

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