iCentral Is No More

Developers, eh — what drama queens! Never miss an opportunity to parade their broken hearts in public.

So while Marten’s wringing his bloodstained hands through in the office, playing the grief-stricken widow inconsolable in his despair, I’m merely sad that after four years of serving RapidWeavers all around the world with timely product alerts, RapidWeaver Central’s iCentral app is now deceased. It has ceased to be and is now shuffling off this mortal coil after sending out more than a million pushes to a final audience of 3, 371 now lost and lovelorn Weaverholics.
In that time, each of those 1,121,690 Push Sends has been ably delivered via Urban Airship, who have now End-of-Lifed their Developer Account in favour of a new Enterprise Account that would cost us an extra $2400 more a year. As such, we’ve decided to murder our darling and call it a day. One thing we can promise you, though: there will be new days and new darlings.

Deputy Hand Wringer
RapidWeaver Central

Angus MacPheep

Angus MacPheep is the man behind the mask, the ghost in the machine. Don’t be fooled by his suave good looks and reckless disregard for convention — he’s the real driving-force behind RapidWeaver Central, a madly intuitive aesthete who makes inspirational leaps of faith and conjures pixel-perfect design magic from the uninspiring ether. He’s also a real hit with the ladies.