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Competition stimulates business and diversity of choice is always positive. So CosCulture’s Fullpage Stack was greeted with great interest by the RapidWeaver community yesterday. FullPage was immediately compared to Screens, which I reviewed just recently – why?

CosCulture’s FullPage Stack is another suite of stacks that enables Weavers to build single page websites. And, if I am honest, it is a very interesting solution – not least, because of its price.

FullPage Stack consists of four stacks: Fullpage Init, Fullpage Content, Fullpage Horizontal Slide and Fullpage Video.

Working with  FullPage couldn’t be easier. The Init stack goes to the top of the page, then you can add a Content stack. Your page content is added to the Content stack and is automatically vertically centred.
Further Content stacks are then dragged into your project as you need them.

To add a horizontal slide, you will first need a Content stack; you can then add as many Slide stacks into the Content stack as you need. Your page content is then added into the slides.

It is interesting to note that horizontal slides have, in actual fact, a static background. The content slides in over the background – unless you add a background image to the slide and then the background image slides in. A nice effect.

Both the vertical and the horizontal slides cycle through to the first slide when the last slide is reached.

FullPage Init adds the code to the page that enables the Fullpage sliders, it also has HUD settings that control the appearance of the page navigation, enables the site’s menu and enables a footer. Full page Init also has an option to autoplay the pages – either vertically, or when you’ve added horizontal slides, horizontally. There is also an option to set the page transition speed – an idea that I like.

The pagers – the optional dots that let you recognise which slide you are viewing – are minimally customisable. The default setting for the pagers is a round dot 12x12px, when active, 4x4px when passive. When you set unequal measurements, the dots become elongated.

The size and colour of the navigational arrows for the horizontal slide are also edited in the Init’s HUD. If the Menu option is activated, the standard RapidWeaver project menu is added to the top of the page, allowing you to navigate to other project pages. Navigation between the  FullPage slides is not a standard option and would need to be added via link anchors, if necessary.

If the footer option is activated, a stacks well appears in the Init stack where you can add your content. Both the Menu and the footer remain static when the slides change. Both are customisable.

The  FullPage Content stack had me confused for a moment. I dragged some text into it, went to preview and was presented with a black page? I returned to my layout, set the background colour and oops, the page was still black. It isn’t until you scroll down to the bottom of the HUD that you find the background settings for the content. You can set a Background image and/or colour. If you set a colour and a background image, you will see the colour load before the image loads. The Content stack doesn’t have any further settings.

The  FullPage Horizontal Slide is dragged into a Content stack and is, in fact, much the same as the Content stack, the only difference being that you can add a background image but not a colour.

The  FullPage Video Stack is also added to the Content stack. The Video stack will play mp4 files from the RapidWeaver Resources or via a URL. Two separate placeholders are already added to the stack, don’t forget to delete the one you don’t need. Videos are scaled to fill the page and will automatically loop.

On mobile devices that don’t support video backgrounds, the Video stack is automatically deactivated and the an image or a background colour will be displayed instead.

FullPage is a lightweight alternative to Screens. There are no bells, no whistles, just a functional, responsive single page website solution. Well worth a look at.

Marten Claridge

Founder of RapidWeaver Central, Developer of WeaverThings, Author of Books, Marten's highly unique skillset has established him as a leading RapidWeaver, Web Design and Wordpress consultant with a worldwide client-list and highly dysfunctional sense of modesty.

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