Focus on People, not Google


I get a lot of support tickets come in asking for help on SEO and ranking higher in Google. I truly feel that pretty much all of these people are wasting too much time focusing on the wrong question. The real question is… how do I serve my audience better?

People are the key. Let’s think about this. If I was a search engine, I need to provide my users with search results that will be the most useful for them. If I did not, they would go somewhere else. How would I determine what is the best content to show my user? Should I base it off what webpages have the best meta tags? Or should I base it off the websites that have the most people visiting them for that topic? I am pretty sure that you know the answer…

The key to developing a sustainable web based business is people. Without them, your site is just hobby. The best way to build an audience is to find your niche, preferably something that you are passionate about. The love that we have for our work will shine through. People will take notice and come back again and again to experience what you have to offer.

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Marten Claridge

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