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Doobox Countup Stack Review

Count Up stack | Doobox | £6.99

Count Up lets you add animated counters to your web pages that can be used to display important statistics in an arresting, hard-or-miss fashion. You’ll often see this kind of effect on WordPress sites where it’s used to communicate the number of customers or clients a particular company has won, or how many coffees have been served that week or month. 

Count Up is very easy to deploy. The stack settings let you specify the number you want to count up to, how many seconds it takes to get there – and thus the speed of the animation – any text you’d like to place before or after the statistic, the sizing of the number (from H1 down to paragraph text) its alignment, colour and whether that colour is applied to everything or just the number itself; you can also specify a device size below which the number won’t animate at all.

That’s pretty much it. ‘Out of the box’ there’s no other styling you can apply but of course, Count Up can be used in conjunction with other stacks to create – for example – a coloured circle around your statistic to make it stand out even more. 

There’s no support for commas or decimal points in the ‘Count to’ field, which makes it less useful for displaying stats like revenue and turnover, because you can’t express the numbers in the correct format (you’ll get £199900 rather than £1,999.00) but that aside, this is a useful, inexpensive stack which will save you time when trying to draw your visitors’ attention to important statistical information. 

Rob Beattie

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