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—  i weave therefore i Am  —

I’m a Weaverholic. I can’t stop weaving. It’s a passion woven through my soul. But I do have one redeeming feature — I’m not an agency. Which means I’m affordable and speak your  language. I’m also one of the world’s leading RapidWeaver consultants and am trusted by many international clients to help them compete professionally online. Which makes me certainly worth talking to.


If you are:

Beginning to realise that ‘web design’ involves a lot more time, skill and knowledge than you initially thought.

Worried that your website is losing you precious leads and sales because it lacks the professional understanding of structure and content strategy.

Tired of wasting valuable time on the false economy of doing it all yourself, and want to get back to work on your core business needs. 

Concerned that the pace of online technology is leaving you and your business behind.

Beginning to recognise the very real value of investing in a professional, yet can’t afford an agency. 

Thinking about delegating the online side of things to someone more experienced and with a reputation you can trust.

Fortunately you’re in the right place at the right time — and there’s no better time than now to get in touch

What I Do

I design highly individual and affordable websites for businesses and entrepreneurs looking to enhance their professional presence with productive, profitable websites that give them the competitive edge they need to succeed online today. If that’s what you and your business need, don’t put it off any longer, I can help.

I can Do For You

ALL The Things

Full Website Design

Design, build, copywriting, graphics, content strategy, SEO, the works. Have a particular design or style in mind? No problem.


Need help with a particular aspect of your site or some cool professional touches added before submitting it to a client? I do it all and everything in between.


What do you need?  I can help and advise you every step of the web design way from planning through to build. Why struggle alone?


Writing is a crucial part of any website design, and powerful engaging content the key to a productive call to action. I’m a writer.


Do you and your website need the kind of objectivity, focus and strategy that only experience can bring? Get in touch and I’ll tell you more.


Tired of getting nowhere fast around that learning curve? Take the shortcut and get in touch.


— Smart Move

taking advantage of my services

It makes perfect business sense. While RapidWeaver is a great tool for Web Design, web design itself is a tradecraft that integrates many different skills, all of which demand a level of experience and aptitude that extends far beyond the general hobbyist horizon. If your business can’t afford to lose leads and sales because its structure and content strategy lack focus and definition, then it’s definitely time for a call to action.


— Strategic edge 

The professional edge for online success

If your livelihood depends on your online presence then you’re already aware that amateur websites do not build consumer confidence, and that you need to create a professional first impression now, not in five years time. These days more than ever before, businesses need a professional edge to compete online and that’s precisely where I specialise. I can give you that edge and be a valuable part of your strategy for online success.


— True Investment

Or False Economy? The value of your time

Many of my clients have discovered it makes much smarter business sense to have me deliver a highly professional RapidWeaver website to create that vital first impression now, rather than spend years on false economies trying to master what I’ve already mastered! As a result my clients are now back in control of their business and have highly professional RapidWeaver websites they can update and maintain at leisure.

RapidWeaver Icon @512


RapidWeaver is the ideal solution for the majority of small-to medium sized businesses that have relatively static content and no need for a comprehensive CMS or database functionality. With the advent of some really powerful RapidWeaver-dedicated CMS solutions, it is now possible to build even more resourceful websites and give clients and end-users the power and freedom to edit their sites at will.


WordPress may not be as much fun to work with, or as creative and versatile as RapidWeaver, but it is still a worthy webdesign tool that every professional webdesigner should have in their toolbox. Some businesses, because of their very size and nature, are simply too big or too dynamic for RapidWeaver. In these cases we often recommend a WordPress build that will really allow the business and its website to grow exponentially. 


on having a mentor and money well spent

Having a mentor when starting a project allows one to reach higher from the start, it eliminates the need to stay safely within the confines of methods already mastered. I struggled along in solitary seclusion for ages wishing like mad that I had a Master RapidWeaver friend next door. Thanks to Marten and Skype I now have exactly that! It is invaluable to get a truthful opinion, Marten is not afraid to tell you politely but firmly that your much loved project is a mess. Being a lazy person, in the past I would gladly have paid just to have someone sort the problem out for me, but Marten makes you think for yourself, which means not only getting things beautifully sorted, but gaining self respect, knowledge and a sense of achievement along the way. I also think he may be an alien from outer-space, because he seems never to sleep and no matter how busy he is he always makes plenty of time. I can honestly say that I think this is the most well spent money of my life so far.




Because I specialise in giving my clients the productive, profitable and competitive edge they need to succeed online, as one of my clients you too could benefit from the longterm security of my personal support and commitment to your cause. 




Got Boxes?

We tick them

Got itches?

We scratch them.

Got deadlines?

We meet them.

My Clients Say

ALL The Nice Things


Jim Siverts

New Hampshire, USA

“Marten is an encyclopedia of knowledge and creativity when it comes to RapidWeaver. He has provided us with invaluable assistance on all aspects of our projects from theme and page type selection, graphic design, web form, ecommerce implementation, and about everything else you can imagine. What makes Marten especially valuable is that he is ahead of all of the latest tools and ideas that can be used inside RapidWeaver. He is also a great teacher. One of the main reasons I wanted to learn Rapidweaver was that I was frustrated by two things: the costs and time of implementation of web related ideas. Marten solved both. His rates are very reasonable and the value for the dollar is outstanding. It is nice to actually get more than what you paid for. Our project turnaround times have been fast beyond our expectations. He is a busy guy, but when he tells you when it will be done, it is done. Marten is our go-to guy and we highly recommend him for anyone looking for guidance in anything and everything RapidWeaver.”


Tine Bech


“Marten has an excellent visual eye and a brilliant technical mind. He had a really good understanding of what my website needed – and on top of all that he is super nice!”

coral_400_sq copy

Coral Toews

Owner, Fresh Laser Skin Studio, Calgary

“Having my website professionally redesigned by Marten was one of the best business decisions I have made so far. Since the new website went live we have seen a dramatic increase in inquiries and consequently an increase in my business. I have had many compliments on the new design! Thank you for all your great work and continued support!”


Steve Waddell

Vice President, Reed Integration

“Marten is a great example of the benefits of the internet and tools like Skype bringing the world together. Given that I’m in Southeastern Virginia and Marten is Edinburgh, Scotland, what was once never a possibility actually occurred for me when I hired Marten to support our web redevelopment efforts. What I found was a person who is not only an expert in RapidWeaver and web development, but also someone who is genuinely concerned about doing work that is a cut above the rest. His knowledge and capability is impressive, and I have truly enjoyed working with him. I also enjoyed our side conversations and I’m happy to say that I now have a new friend in Scotland. If you’re in need of help for a RapidWeaver project, I can wholeheartedly recommend Marten!”


Dawn H.

Writer, Wolfville, Nova Scotia

“Marten is unique in that he brings to Web design a novelist’s sensitivity to language as well as considerable business acumen. Working with Marten is like working with a visual artist, copywriting coach, and business advisor all wrapped up in one. At the same time, his warm personality makes the complicated task of bringing a website to life a lot of fun. Even though he’s halfway around the world from my office, Marten has become a valuable member of my company team.”

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