Awesome Digital ButtonThings

Hold onto your trousers, these buttons will fill you so full of awe your pants will explode! Yes, it’s true — there is no amount of hyperbole I will not stoop to abuse in my efforts to draw your attention to these mind-imploding, pant-exploding buttons!  

Why? Because only you can save the world by buying these buttons before some vague cataclysmic event casts the human race into the eternal pit of doom. In fact you don’t have time to think — you must act now and buy these buttons before your inhibitions return. If you don’t, the devastating effect your failure will have on the future of mankind does not bear thinking about. As the planet plummets into the dark ages of another glacial epoch, you will have little time to regret not buying these buttons and securing the evolution of our noble species and its propagation throughout the universe.

The first, despite its name, is called AwesomeButtonThing, and in its quintessential state epitomises the purest distillation of style, form and function. Design kudos go squarely to me, Angus MacPheep, and not the other one, for the lethal sophistication of these Font Awesome buttons that even if I say it myself simply ooze my absolute mastery of the minimalist style.

My second new button this week is called DigitalButtonThing and I can safely reassure you that unlike those other shameless button developers we could mention, we don’t encode our buttons with non-quantized variables or other bloated analog features that could seriously damage your health, we give you nothing but the purest digital experience your sensitive digits demand. You can test them out here.

Convinced? I am.

And the best thing is if you buy both these bleeding-edge button stacks you’ll not only be able to glow in the self-satisfied knowledge that you secretly saved the human race from extinction but you’ll also be eligible for a whole 25% off.

This once-in-a-lunchtime offer is only available to RWC readers and subscribers, and will end 17th September 2015. The discount code — Explode_My_Pants — is a secret, so please don’t tell anyone. 

Angus MacPheep

Angus MacPheep is the man behind the mask, the ghost in the machine. Don’t be fooled by his suave good looks and reckless disregard for convention — he’s the real driving-force behind RapidWeaver Central, a madly intuitive aesthete who makes inspirational leaps of faith and conjures pixel-perfect design magic from the uninspiring ether. He’s also a real hit with the ladies.