Author Writes Book Shock

Yes, the rumours I started are true. I’m writing a book for RapidWeavers and it’s filling up fast with lots of big words dripping with RapidWeaver and Web Design wisdom. Want to be kept in the loop? Register your interest and I’ll try to keep your name out of the sex scenes.

What’s Your Preferred Format?

I’m hoping to have this epic tome ready for publication by early July. I’ll be publishing it as an eBook, but I haven’t yet decided which format would best suit the RapidWeaver market. As such I’d be very interested to know your ebook reading preferences. 


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Do you have an opinion on which is the best format and why? I’d love to hear it and would certainly appreciate your input  on our Weavers Space

Marten Claridge

Founder of RapidWeaver Central, Developer of WeaverThings, Author of Books, Marten's highly unique skillset has established him as a leading RapidWeaver, Web Design and Wordpress consultant with a worldwide client-list and highly dysfunctional sense of modesty.