Review29th April 2016

A great foundation for Foundation. We think Hipster Weaver’s professional project approach has real legs and at an excellent price point.

Review23rd April 2016

Enjoy pain? Look eleswhere. Because Ron Beattie has found the most painless way to add search to your Rapidweaver website.

Review19th April 2016

Everything’s coming up roses in Marathia’s garden as Rob Beattie unearths a nifty no-brainer for aficionados of Rapidweaver’s built-in Photo Album page.

Review16th April 2016

Rob Beattie takes a look at Stacks4Stacks free banner utilty and applauds its ease of use.

Review11th April 2016

There’s a Big White terrorizing the RapidWeaver shores and this one’s got a razor-sharp bill. Rob Beattie overcomes his fears and finds a spectacular free stack loaded with features that

Review6th April 2016

For anyone creating a site with lots of images, Rob Beattie’s found one very slick theme that packs a Henk of a lot of flexibility under the hood.

Review1st April 2016

Rob Beattie finds this simple to use and very inexpensive update is a great solution for anyone looking for an image lightbox that works with both locally stored and warehoused