Review22nd January 2015

Be happy, it drives people crazy. Rob Hall takes a quote-unquote look at Will Woodgate’s latest stack.

Review21st January 2015

Rob Beattie goes under the hood of Brandon Lee’s latest theme and likes what he sees.

Review20th January 2015

Rob Hall stops admiring himself in the mirror long enough to contemplate three new stacks from DeFliGra

Review18th January 2015

A simple way to collect email addresses that doesn’t require a database or a subscriptionto an external service? Rob Beattie wants to know where he can sign up. 

Review18th January 2015

The seven neat text-based hover effects in this stack are simple but stylish, reckons Rob Beattie.

Review9th January 2015

Rob Hall’s Take On Yuzool’s Feed For information-hungry surfers.

Review7th January 2015

Rob Hall takes a wee gander at three new and recently released addons from Archetypon, Doobox and RWTuts.

Review3rd January 2015

Angus MacPheep holds back the tears long enough to announce the passing of a great RapidWeaver Central institution.

Review2nd January 2015

The Ice stack allows you to apply a neat rollover effect to any image placed on a Stacks page in seconds. Doobox’s new stack gives Rob Beattie the shivers.

Review1st January 2015

Let’s see if Rob Hall mentions that SlideUp will work with any stack within reason and not solely menu bars…